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Revive your yard.

Torch the lawn.

Man Mowing Lawn

Have you ever wondered why so many yards are endless expanses of unproductive space? Our lawns tend to offer nothing more than aesthetic benefit while demanding expensive upkeep, toxic chemicals, and loud machines.


Should we expect more from our yards? What if you could create a space that benefited nature, produced abundant food, and did so without the use of harmful herbicides and pesticides? 

We can help! A Resurgence Garden makes outside fruitful. Our team of experienced organic farmers work closely with you to discover the abundance of your own property.


Through our unique year-long harvest program, we not only insure that you have delicious, organic produce, but we share our production techniques so you and your family can fully connect to your food. 

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 Plant a Resurgence Garden

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Our Process

Garden Assessment

A virtual meeting to assess your yard and production suitability.



Custom Crop Plan

We use a seasonal questionnaire to determine what you want to harvest.



DESIGN and layout

Site meeting and custom design to suit your needs.

$250 and up


Features are built and planted out by our farmer installers.

$3,500 and up

Harvest service

We visit your garden 1-2x/week for a full year to plant, weed, harvest and teach.


Begin your Resurgence!



Nuri Icgoren is an innovator, biologist and entrepreneur who stays on the cutting edge of Agtech and sustainable innovations. Through his work developing Urban Sprout Farms, Nuri has become a go-to expert for urban agriculture initiatives in Atlanta. Nuri is our Install Specialist at Resurgence Gardens, always ready to go the extra mile to put in the perfect garden. He has installed dozens of raised beds and edible landscapes throughout the city. Believing in the importance of being “a leaver, not a taker”, Nuri’s innovation and vision for a healthier, more connected society drives his passion for working in Atlanta’s good food movement.