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Our Process

Rebuilding your yard to produce.


Garden Asessement

Through a virtual meeting with clients, we utilize GIS Mapping software, USDA Soil data, and personal feedback to determine if your site is Resurgence ready. 

After determining the production capacity of your yard, we will send a summary of our findings and recommended next steps.


Custom Crop Plan

We walk you through each season, taking your feedback to create a unique garden that grows the produce that you want, in the amounts you can use.  

After we set your garden preferences, we will issue a proposed crop plan based on your household size, diet, and interests.


Garden Design

Using ecological farming principles, we will compile your crop plan, site data, and any personal feedback you may have on layout to create your Resurgence Garden design.

Through a final meeting, we will edit and rearrange the deign based on your feedback, and provide a complete quote for a proposed install. 

Resurgence Design.png

Garden Install

After agreeing on a base design, we will schedule an install to build and plant your garden. Our complete service includes grading, hardscaping, outdoor carpentry, irrigation, soil delivery, mulching and  planting.

We specialize in making productive areas beautiful to look at. Whether we are converting a whole lawn, or installing a few raised beds, our results are guaranteed to impress. 

install pic.jpg

Harvest Service

For the first year of your garden, we provide a complete service solution. Through seasonal lessons, harvest metrics and site specific notes, we help you realize the potential of your garden, so that you can always provide safe, nutritious food on your property.

Using approved USDA safety protocol, we plant, weed and harvest your garden, and leave ready-to-eat produce on your doorstep. It's like having a CSA farm in your own yard!

Crop Plan
Start your resurgence today!

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